Turquoise and Clear Quartz Guardian Angel Bracelet

Linda Lauren

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Turquoise and Clear Quartz Guardian Angel Bracelet

Turquoise is a healing stone that also aids in communication. When combined with clear quartz, your thoughts and speech become more focused and easier to understand. Turquoise has been a prized stone for its ability to protect against negativity. The clear quartz in this bracelet increases clarity, focus and amplifies the positive energies of Turquoise.

Comes in a silk pouch.

All Crystal Pals™ products are infused with Reiki healing energy. All of the crystals used are of the highest quality; the more you wear and meditate with our bracelets, the more you will connect with each stone's vibration. Due to the unique nature of crystals, there may be color variations of each product.

Length: 7.5''

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