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Tourmalated Quartz Meditation Piece - Reiki Infused

Tourmalated Quartz Meditation Piece - Reiki Infused

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Tourmaline with Quartz will combine the properties of both Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystal. It will protect against negative energy while clearing the chakras with new energy.  A stone that is perfect to ground oneself with, Tourmaline strengthens the body's energy field against external invasion.

Each piece measures approximately 3 inches in length.

All Crystal Pals™ products are infused with Reiki healing energy. All of the crystals used are of the highest quality; the more you wear and meditate with our bracelets and meditation pieces, the more you will connect with each stone's vibration. Due to the unique nature of crystals, there may be color variations of each product.

*Each meditation piece is sold individually; price is per meditation piece.