Picture Agate and Jasper Combo

Linda Lauren

Sale price $ 9.95 Regular price $ 14.99

A Picture Agate holds variations and inclusions that are naturally created within the stones. The images that are projected can range from a serene scene to an angel.  

One never knows, and that is the beauty of working with them. Used for meditation or to carry around as a good luck piece, this is a powerful, yet soft energy stone.

Each Picture Agate and Jasper Combo is approximately 4” - 4.25” and comes in its own silk pouch.  Sold as one per order.

All crystals are charged with Reiki healing energy. The more you hold, wear and/or meditate with our crystals, the more you will connect with its vibration. Due to the unique nature of the crystals, there may be slight size and color variations.

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