Meditation & Relaxation Kit

Linda Lauren

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Meditation & Relaxation Kit

Meditation…. Mindfulness…. Journalizing…. 

The simple act of going within and listening to your spirit can improve your life infinitely. Meditation….mindfulness….journalizing….  can be enhanced by using 4th Generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren’s Meditation & Relaxation Kit.  This wonderful all encompassing Kit has everything you need to help you move forward with positive energy.

Included in this Meditation & Relaxation Kit:

-The Hope Deck™- created by Linda, this deck of 26 inspirational cards that can be used for any question you may have or daily guidance.

-Graceful Meditations with Linda Lauren CD – There are 2 ten-minute meditations on this CD. Bridges, takes you to a loved one who has passed, Golden Light is a relaxing refreshing meditation that is as good as a day at the beach.

-The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray – spray before and after each session to clear any negativity and raise the vibration to bring in positive energy.

-Crystal Pal Meditation Talisman – a beautiful handmade picture agate and tourmaline meditation talisman to hold during your meditation or while you are journalizing. (Talisman may be substitute for something of equal or greater value.)

-Bell – ring at the opening and closing of each session to enhance the energy and call your Angels

-Candles and candle holder – each kit comes with 2 candles (color may vary) and an intention candle holder (color and style may vary)

-Love Lighter – light your candles with Love!

Use these items to set the tone in creating a new sacred space or add them to your existing one.  Once you develop a routine, relaxation will feel second nature. So sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy.

*Candles, candle holders, bells and meditation talisman colors and styles may vary from those shown.