Crystal Pals™ Chakra Energy Bracelet - Reiki Charged

Linda Lauren

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Crystal Pals™ Chakra Energy Bracelet - Reiki Charged
There are seven primary chakras in the aura of the body. Chakras are spiritual energy fields, and are defined by color. They cannot be seen, but when they are out of alignment, they can be felt.

We might feel irritable, calm, happy, or sad, depending on whether or not these energy fields are balanced. We have designed a Reiki-charged Crystal Pals™ Chakra Energy Bracelet to assist in keeping these chakras in balance as a way to enrich and protect the aura.

Each colored crystal or gemstone is chosen to increase wellness in body, mind, spirit, and is Reiki-charged.

When worn during Energy Work, the different colored minerals and gemstones vibrations can enhance the energy needed for a particular Chakra or for the entire body.

All Crystal Pals™ products are charged with Reiki healing energy. All of the crystals used are of the highest quality; the more you wear and meditate with our bracelets and meditation talisman, the more you will connect with the vibration. Due to the unique nature of crystals, there may be slight size and color variations of each product.

Each bracelet comes in a silk pouch.

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