Crystal Journey 3"x6" Pillar Candle - 30% OFF SALE!

Linda Lauren

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Crystal Journey 3"x6" Pillar Candle - 30% OFF SALE!
Crystal Journey 3"x6" Pillar Candle - 30% OFF SALE!
Crystal Journey 3"x6" Pillar Candle - 30% OFF SALE!



Crystal Journey 3"x6" candles are extremely long lasting and scented with essential oils.  There is no lead in the wicks!  Choose from the following:


ANGEL’S INFLUENCE - Use this candle to honor and call upon our Angels and know you're supported and loved in all you do. Ask for blessings, help and give gratitude when using this candle -


GOOD HEALTH - Use this candle to heal the physical body of yourself, a loved one or a pet.


HEALING-Use this candle to heal the body, mind and soul. This healing intention can be used for yourself or someone you wish to bestow healing blessings and prayer upon -


JOY-Use to discover true joy within one's being - Only 1 more!


LOVE-Use this candle to attract someone to you. Looking for a compatible roommate? New Social Media contacts?  Easy commuting or workout friendships? This is the candle!


MANIFEST A MIRACLE-Use this candle to create and enhance your love and wishes. Use in combination with Angel’s Influence candle to manifest a miracle!!


MONEY-Use this candle to attract lottery gains, raises and cash. Business moves, career moves or starting new projects, can be enhanced.


POSITIVE ENERGY-Use this candle to discover a new path, gain knowledge about a problem or overcome negativity.


SPIRIT- Use to assist your focus on the spiritual side of life. 


Use The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray  every time you light and extinguish this candle to enhance your intention! Each candle is Reiki charged, comes with an affirmation and inspirational message.


Always use candles in a proper candle holder. These long lasting Pillar candles are a special addition to your home, office or sacred space. Always use a candle receptacle and never leave a burning candle unattended.


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