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Ways to Help With Grief

Linda Lauren

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Every day I address the colors of energy people are embracing and I’m doing my best to help them redefine their personal palette. I believe the work I do is more that of an artist of the soul than a psychic medium of the mind and spirit. We are all spirits with clean slates. There is always a fresh start from awareness and experience. But all awareness is not negative, nor experience necessarily bad. When we suffer a personal loss we propel our energy into defense mode, guard up and tears down. It is the one time we truly feel permitted to experience open emotion and that can either make us stronger or weaker, depending upon our approach.

We all have to go through the emotion of grief on this planet at this time because that is what is expected of us in this society. Depending upon your background orbelief system, death is considered a celebration of life or a mourning of passing. There are no rules, except perhaps the traditions of our family that binds us to experience mourning a loved one in one complete way. This boggles my mind! How could it not? How can one experience truly equal that of another? We are all the same, yet different, and our DNA pattern is not just scientific but relative to a higher nature; one of the soul.

We are, to paraphrase Deepak Chopra, energy and information, and we each hold a different vibration that connects us to another. So how can one person’s experience with death even come close to that of another? It has to be gauged and put into perspective; And even if there is no real way to gauge it, we have available to us the ways and means of working through grief, and moving forward. Then what we have defined as “obstacles” (like memories and places shared with those loved one) become stepping stones with positive references, and results that help create a healthy experience out of the loss.

Most of the world has been taught to embrace the grieving process through the pain of loss, myself included. I have had an epiphany of late, and it deals with grief in perspective. It is about pushing forward with the best of your loved one propelling you, rather than the worst that propelled them to death.

1. Free-write in a journal all the things that affect you regarding the passing. Don’t leave out any detail as this is a way to perhaps come to terms with the energy you are feeling at this loss.

2. Seek quiet time and be alone with your thoughts. Let your mind roam free and allow the thoughts to drift in and out. This can help with deciding what is most important regarding this loss.

3. Be vocal and express yourself. Let those close to you know that you are in a particular mind-set and processing your grief. Remind yourself, and everyone around you, that there is no time limit on grief.

These few suggestions may prove helpful to you when processing grief, but they are just a small faction of the ways to work through these heavy spiritual times so that we come away more positive and stronger.

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