The Benefits of Reiki-infused Jewelry – Linda Lauren

The Benefits of Reiki-infused Jewelry

Linda Lauren

On our web page is a beautiful array of crystals and gemstones of varying grades and degrees of vibration. The stones in these bracelets range from Agate and Amethyst or Rose Quartz and Tourmaline. Gemstones carry a vibration by the type of crystal or stone, and the place it was excavated or found, and that gives them a special meaning all their own. Reiki, as a healing energy, can be “sent” (similar to a blessing) to your jewelry to enhance the already existing properties of the stones. This “empowers” the stones by enhancing your intention. For example:

Rose Quartz is considered the stone of self-love, affording us the opportunity to experience love within us on a deeper level. When Rose Quartz is infused with Reiki, that energy of self-love expands the metaphysical meaning and/or benefit along with it. This makes for a true power bracelet or meditation piece, because it empowers you personally and offers strength to your intentions. 

When we make a bracelet or a meditation talisman here at LLETU, there are two ways we can customize. If you have a strong feeling or desire for particular gemstones, we can help you to create that vision. However, we also focus on what I intuitively pick up regarding your energy and choose stones for you to apply to your goals in life.

Do you want to attract money?

Do you need healing?

Is a romance or relationships a consideration?

Do you need guidance for your life?  

Whatever you want for yourself can be manifested through crystals and gemstones. But when we go one step further and apply the healing energy of Reiki, we embrace power of true intention.

*For more info on how you can create your own custom piece: 908-518-9001.

Our jewelry is according to your intentions and budget.

Custom made bracelets start at $25.00.

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