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For The Love Of Crystals

When I was about eight years old, my parents moved from California back to New Jersey. Ever the history buff in our family, Mom insisted that we drive the 3,000 miles home to take advantage of the landmarks we would pass. That meant that my father had to take her and the three of us on every detour known to man just to get to a particular historic site.   My brothers were three and four, and usually asleep in the backseat of the “woody” station wagon we used for the trip. One detour took us about 50 miles out of...

Retrograde Reward Ceremony

Linda Lauren

Tags candles, ceremony, retrograde, spirit

Someone asked me what it is I do during the Mercury Retrograde to help myself not fall prey to the negative. I am not exempt from feeling the retrograde, which is the reason why recently I had an accident where I fell chasing my dog. Retrogrades knock us off balance in terms of communication. That communication could be between you and your higher self, you and your pet, or between people or computers — anything that has to do with communication. In the case of any kind of an accident that we have, that is because we were not communicating with ourselves...

Positive Vibes for Positive Brides

Linda Lauren

Tags meditate, spirit, wedding

You are preparing to get married and one of the first orders of business is to share the good news with family and friends. During that time is when you begin looking for the bridesmaids and grooms who will stand by you, helping you enjoy the fun stages of planning the wedding, from the engagement party to the main event, with the bachelor/bachelorette parties sandwiched somewhere in between. With all that activity going on, the challenge is to keep up a positive vibe so you don’t get stressed. There are several ways you can accomplish this: Meditate daily. Taking time...

The Other Benefits Of Meditation

Linda Lauren

Tags balance, clarity, einstein, meditation, problem solving, spirit, youth

Einstein once said, “Through meditation I found answers before I even asked the question.” Having something that wonderful at our disposal is a blessing that I don’t believe should be ignored. In my daily practice, I am surprised at the amount of people who cannot sit with themselves for even five minutes. For them, meditation is a daunting undertaking, a stealer of personal time in a world where personal time is a commodity that is hard to come by. When we have five minutes to spare, we rarely think of spending it quietly with ourselves. And that is what...

Ways The Color Purple Helps

Linda Lauren

Tags color, color and energy, heal, healer, purple, spirit, spiritual message, sports, teacher

In our modern times, the color purple seems to have become quite popular. People use the color for sports, causes they support, and spiritual messages, among the few that spring to mind. It is a color that is equated with bravery and strength. Hence the reason the Purple Heart is purple.In my color and energy practice, I have often questioned why someone has more of an affinity to one color over another. Recently, I asked myself: why purple? Is it because it is has an associated history of the mystic? Or is the spirituality the color evokes? So I posed...

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