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Making Physical Therapy Work For You - Huffington Post

Linda Lauren

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I was having a conversation this morning with someone who was asked to consider physical therapy again, despite best efforts, instead of going the surgical route. My feelings are pretty clear on this. I believe physical therapy works well when the injuries are minimal and the person much younger, with less of a medical history of injuries. Or, if you can afford it (which most can not) private sessions. PT facilities assign you to on-premise therapists after fully evaluating your case. That makes the patient safe and secure in the knowledge that they are in good, expert hands. However, it’s...

Hillary’s Debate Outfits from a Color Perspective

Linda Lauren

Tags Color and Energy, Huffington Post

  As a color and energy expert, I look at what people are wearing in a very different light than most. I see the intent that is implied through the use of certain colors. While watching the debates, I had a clear impression of the meaning behind Hillary’s stunning outfits. The colors chosen exactly conveyed her intention. Yes, they had an obvious patriotic theme, but the colors went much deeper in how each resonated with her energy. And make no mistake about it, the vibration of power was there. Red - she came out to inspire positive movement forward and...

Color And Your Closet

Linda Lauren

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We’ve most likely all done it many times: leaned against the open door of our closet blankly wondering what to wear and finding nothing suitable. Back in the day, people would lay out their clothes the night before in preparation for the next day. It was a time saver during a time when people had more of it. With our fast paced world, we are faced with various options that make it difficult to advance forward. We might work from home, roles might be reversed in terms of parenting, and we have to guide the hands of our children to...

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Ways to Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude

This is the time of year when we should have the presence of mind to be thankful. Too often we get caught up in the day to day movement of life and fail to remember the blessings that got us where we are today. An entire year goes by before we know it and it is easy to forget those who have been there for us along the way. By the same token, it's a time to be remembered for the wonderful acts of kindness that we have bestowed on others. It is important to not lose sight and to...

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