Requiem for a Plant

Linda Lauren

Tags plant
Sigh. I am sad today. The plant I had been nurturing since I moved into my new house, died after being repotted. It was an Anthurium andraeanum — Anthurium, and native to Hawaii. As I’ve said in a previous blog, I’m new to the language of plants, but as a fourth generation psychic medium I have recently picked up the vibration of communicating with my plant. I’ve been listening to her tell me where she wants to sit, how she wants to be watered and when, and if she “likes” the other plants I put next to her.
Are my plants talking to me verbally? No. However, it may be that I am telepathically feeling the words from the vibration of their emotions. That vibration is sent to me to translate into human emotion. Today was a perfect example of what I’m talking about.
Despite my care, the leaves were turning brown and the flowers didn’t look health and red like when I first bought it. I could sense a sadness coming from the plant every time I walked into the room. My friend had moved it into a larger pot so it would have room to grow. I felt certain this would be beneficial, but also feared it may be too late. It wasn’t until after the repotting that I “heard” the plant convey to me that this move was not going to work. She was homesick and she doesn’t seem to want to accept the new environment, so I have to accept that our time together is over. I have to lay her to rest.

We spent seven months together. I had hoped we could make it to years. If there is anything I would do over again it would be to tune in to my plant’s vibration more deeply. I would survey it’s leaves and blooms for signs of depression. It may sound a little far-fetched to some readers, but for me it has become a fascinating journey into the spiritual communication of plants.

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