My Shanti Tibetan Singing Bowl Experience – Linda Lauren

My Shanti Tibetan Singing Bowl Experience

I have heard about the possible benefits of singing bowls for many years now.  And like any other product on the metaphysical market, I want to learn about them firsthand to see if I agree.  And so when Shanti Singing Bowls asked me if I would see how I liked their product, I was eager for the opportunity.  
According to application and/or meditation, the tonal sound these bowls emit have the potential to heal stress, anxiety, stimulate the immune system and increase energy levels.  If you are having trouble sleeping, arthritis, fibromyalgia , trouble eating or feeling pain, these bowls can be an application to aid and encourage the healing aspects you may be seeking. 
I experimented with the bowl for a couple of weeks in various ways.  
Meditation - Before and after meditation left me with a feeling of balance, the tone resonated that deeply. By the end of the first week, the “tone” was literally set and it became a part of the routine.
Reiki - While sending Reiki to a friend in the hospital, I used the bowl to set the tone for the hospital room.  I also used various “tones” during the actual hands-on Reiki treatment. The patient, also a friend, felt more peaceful and less stressed as a result of sound-accompanying Reiki. 
Opening/Closing the Day - A gentle touch on the side bowl with the wand is a great way to greet the morning as well as a means for saying good night. 
Experimentation is key to how to make them work for you.  My advise is to keep a journal of your efforts for comparing later.
Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed having the Shanti Tibetan Singing Bowl around and welcome it into my metaphysical practice. I would definitely recommend it.  Personally, I’m still trying to master the “singing” part. I managed to do it one time, but haven’t been able to repeat it…yet! 
 Here it is from the link on the video. The “singing” aspect is at the very end.

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