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Making Color Work for You Through Linda Lauren’s Energy Art™

Posted by Linda Lauren on

I was about three years old when I began seeing colored bubbles coming out of people’s mouths when they spoke. The room would fill up with these balls of color. With my mother’s help, I learned how to interpret them. As I matured and gained more understanding, I was able to identify a meaning that would correlate with each color and I was able to apply an application. Red, for instance, could be a color filled with romance and love. However, red could also mean that someone was enraged or upset. As I got older, my family helped me understand my psychic abilities better. They taught me about meditation and energy and how to respond so I was putting that energy to good use. Applying color became easier and worthy of the time I invested in discerning the meanings. 

Today, when someone comes for a reading session, I read him/her through colors and the energy that I see around them. I have discovered a unique way to transfer what I see into artwork so that my clients can share in the experience. Just as the eye of the camera captures the mood of the subject, I use my psychic eye to capture and interpret the progress of the Spirit.

Using a variety of proprietary computer programs, I reproduce graphically – both in abstract color, and representational forms – the energy field around a person, place or intention. Each color, in relation to the other colors in the picture, has a unique meaning to help you create the goals you wish to achieve. The artwork is accompanied by those interpretations to use as a frame of reference.

When you purchase your custom piece, you receive a JPEG of the artwork and my verbal translation in Mp3/Mp4 format. You also own the copyright, so you can freely use it as your desktop background, on your mobile device, incorporated into clothing, and anything else you can think of.

Everyone wants to create positive energy, and that energy must stem from your own spiritual identity. That identity contains the colors of the aura, and it is those colors that expand our awareness through our intention. Linda Lauren's Energy Art™ strives to help you to create, and be guided by, the kind of energy you may need to accomplish what your aura intends and desires.

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