Intention and the Unique Vibration of Our Energy Bracelets

For decades, my clients, family and friends have been wearing some beautiful energy bracelets made of crystals and gemstones that I have provided them with.

I have been researching and studying crystals, gems and minerals for as long as I have been wearing them. The vibration they emit never cease to amaze me.

Over the years, as I became more familiar with how good I felt wearing the various stones that came into my possession, I began to experiment with combinations by way of my intention for wearing them. Along with my business partner, we created an assortment of bracelet combos that we felt had the potential to raise the vibration to what the wearer’s intention might be. Love, healing, friendship, family, peace, protection, etc. are all the types of intention we work with to embrace the energy of these special creations. 

For instance, one of my favorite bracelets is the Blue Topaz and Amethyst bracelet we have on the web site. The beads hold a particular meaning: Blue Topaz for communication of good health and love. The Lavender Amethyst vibration is one of soothing the spirit. Together, they allow us to communicate in a gentle and loving way. Each bracelet is placed inside a silk pouch when en route to its new owner, and they are very personal and intimate to each individual.

Have a look at the selection on line. Keep in mind that you we offer custom pieces for your energy and that of any intentions, so please feel free to send us your requests and questions.

Our bracelets are available for purchase here!

God bless,

Linda Lauren

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