Hillary’s Debate Outfits from a Color Perspective

Linda Lauren


As a color and energy expert, I look at what people are wearing in a very different light than most. I see the intent that is implied through the use of certain colors. While watching the debates, I had a clear impression of the meaning behind Hillary’s stunning outfits.

The colors chosen exactly conveyed her intention. Yes, they had an obvious patriotic theme, but the colors went much deeper in how each resonated with her energy. And make no mistake about it, the vibration of power was there.

Red - she came out to inspire positive movement forward and to denote that she meant serious business in what she was about to convey in regard to her message.

Blue - this color helped her to thoroughly communicate truth through calm awareness so that her points came across clearly. 

White - A representative of truth and enlightenment in it’s purest form, especially in regard to women. It offers clear intention to reach a goal with as much detail as possible and promoted feminine awareness.

Color can offer us many a solution to how we emotionally move forward, and in what manner. I have learned that the more we understand the vibration of color, the better the outcome of our endeavors. Colors can help us embrace a peaceful resolution to what we are desiring to manifest.


10/24/2016 01:59 pm ET

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