Help Surviving The Election Results – Linda Lauren

Help Surviving The Election Results

Linda Lauren

Right now, many of the people in America who were Hillary supporters are feeling the effects of PTS. They are justifiably in shock. I can go through the countless reasons as to why this cross-section of Americans would be in shock at the election results, but it serves no purpose now that the election is over. We’ve been dealt a difficult hand and depending upon how you play your cards, here’s what we might want to do to help get through this election PTS.

Personally when my faith is being tested, I meditate and right now I’m doing my best to work through my emotions. But please keep in mind: you don’t need to pull it together right now at this moment. It’s important to experience what our emotions are telling us because that’s part of our intuition. It will help us with our own soul purpose because I still do believe in that.

1. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, depressed, or emotionally disconnected, please take a deep breath and count slowly to 10. This will allow you to feel more of a response to the situation rather than a reaction.

2. Write three things down that you feel are negative about the situation and then write three positive things that you can find about the situation. Make sure to write the positive as the second list so you’re left with positive energy thinking.

3. You are going to most likely feel collective drain because of the energy of other people in the world. To help reprogram and regroup, meditate and then go take a shower or a bath and cleanse your spirit by envisioning white healing light around your body as the water cascades around you.

This is not going to fix the big picture for us. But what it will do is it least give you a way to establish a new outlook while you are processing the events of this election. There is still a reason to hang on to common sense, love, peace and hope.

11/09/2016 10:25 am ET

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