Dog Bone Bracelets, Key chains & Meditation Talisman – Linda Lauren

Dog Bone Bracelets, Key chains & Meditation Talisman

I have communicated with pets for several decades, exchanging energy with telepathic pictures to determine what they are trying to convey to us. I have come to realize that it is vitally important that we keep a calm connection going with them, as calmness is akin to meditation and animals respond better as a result.

To that end, we have created various bracelets, key chains and meditation talisman that contain dog bones carved out of gemstones. When you wear, carry or use them when with your pet, it will help to strengthen your connection to communicate with them. It opens you to being the “friend” your pet is looking for in you, and may lead you to more positive energy when working with them.

These dog bone designs help with awareness, self-esteem between you, confidence and a balance of the emotions. So, think about sharing some positive energy with your pet and try out one of our designs.

God bless,

Linda Lauren

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