C.O.P. - Charms of Protection™

A couple of decades ago, a new client who had just turned eighteen, called me after his first reading with a common concern. He was being bullied and abused because of his name and religious affiliation. The specifics are not important, as bullying is plainly an unfortunate fact of life. He related to me that he was frightened to finish out his last year in high school because he was terrified to have to encounter the bullies.  Prejudice toward him was the issue and he told me he needed something to hold that would make him feel better.


I thought about his request for several days and remembered that my Grandma Anna used to make pouches with specific charms like the Italian horn, angels, and various religious symbols and sewed them into a black pouch with red lining. As Italians, we believe in red being a color of protection.   I wanted to bring my grandmother’s vision up to date so that it might address the issues people encountered today.

I incorporated certain crystals that offer protection, along with three icons: the Italian horn, an angel, a charm that would represent the person I was making the item for, and a tiny box for “good wishes.” It would be a tiny circle of gemstones accompanied by three charms. To make them cost-effective, I used sterling charms as a general rule, and gold for special requests, as that would be more costly.

I decided to call it a “C.O.P.” which was an acronym for Charms Of Protection. I gave my new client a call after making him one. The center symbol was a bicycle charm because he was an avid racer and owned several bikes.

Several weeks after he received the C.O.P. he called me to give me an update. He had taken on the habit of keeping it in his pocket and whenever he felt threatened, he reached in and rubbed the stones or took it out and twirled it around his finger. He said the way it was helpful was that it reminded him of his own power. It was a way for him to regain confidence and face the bullies, or at the very least, report them. He was relieved, calmer and happy, and I was overjoyed to have been able to help.

Each COP is custom made with you and your issues/energy in mind. It is about the intention of protection and you can carry it with you in pocket or purse. So, the next time you are feeling the need for some extra protection, call on one of our “C.O.P.s” to do the job with you!

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