The Hope Deck™ – Linda Lauren

The Hope Deck™

Linda Lauren

The Hope Deck™ was born out of the word HOPE, which is my acronym for Help Out People Everywhere. The Hope Deck™ is my gift to those who want to embrace psychic awareness and become self-empowered.

When I first came upon the idea of a creating a deck of cards based on acronyms, I never expected to be a part of such a Divine process. Though I believe that all things we create are with the help of a Higher Power, I had never experienced how subtle that message, and how intense the outcome. The Hope Deck™ is evidence of what can be done when you truly let go and let God and the Universe provide.

I began making a list of words that I felt were positive motivators to live by. Everyday words like "joy" and "path," took on a spiritual and self-empowering meaning when the acronym was applied. Path became Peaceful Approach To Happiness, and Joy became Just Overcome Yourself.

Between the time of the list making and the actual creative work, my mother passed away. I spent the next several months creatively driven at the keyboard of my computer as therapy. Within two months, I had created, written and artistically designed a deck of 26 cards.

My acronym for the word HOPE is Help Out People Everywhere, and that is our intention, as well as our Mission Statement.

We tested some random people with a prototype deck. The reception it received was life altering. People got it! And now we have the official deck available for sale!

Each card in this 26-card deck, is meant to act as your personal intuitive, and will help you to lead a more self-empowered life by meditating on the cards as you choose one regularly.

Make The Hope Deck™ a part of your life, as a gift to yourself, or to your family and friends.

God bless,

Linda Lauren

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