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Graceful Meditations With Linda Lauren

Posted by Linda Lauren on

When I first opened my practice, one of the first messages I conveyed to my clients was to meditate. Today, they must think I sound like a broken record, but it’s become even more important to do so in present times. There are as many ways to meditate, as there are people to show you the way. We have CDs, guided and otherwise, TV programs, videos and classes across the Internet designed to help that process along. Whether you refer to it as meditation or mindfulness, it is still fundamentally the process of going within oneself to enjoy the benefits of internal dialog.

To that end, I created a CD of guided meditations to help the busy person who wants to tune up for 10-20 minutes, as well as the seasoned meditator.

The CD begins with a brief explanation of how to breath, followed by two brief meditations guided by my voice to help move you along the path to mindfulness.

“Bridges” guides you over a bridge to meet someone from the other side, whether that is a loved one you’ve lost, or an angel you may want to experience. It is calming and yet focused so that you can easily feel as though you are taking a spiritual journey into a place that is safe, secure and filled with love.

“Golden Light” is literally like a day at the beach. I guide you through the warmth of colors that radiate through your chakras to create a calming and spiritual experience free of stress. 

You can purchase my “Graceful Meditations” online as singular tracks or as one CD, and, of course the entire CD can also be purchased in a hard copy. Try it and see the difference!


God bless,

Linda Lauren

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