Forecasting Color

Linda Lauren

In my capacity as a color expert, one of my goals is to remind people that they have the personal power to make their days brighter and healthier. I do it through teaching them all about color and energy, and how to use color to brighten the spirit and lighten the mood.

Sample of a Color Forecast

Over the years, I have learned that the key ingredient to “feeling” and creating personal positive energy is through our connection to color. Every color plays a pivotal role in our energy field through our aura, and color becomes not only a visual experience, but also an emotional one. Color is the most important tool in our personal toolbox and how we use and understand color can mean the difference between whether we are healthy or sick, happy or sad, and even how we respond to situations.

What is it about colors that make someone feel differently? Are people more likely to be hungry in rooms with red walls? Are we more likely to be calm in blue surroundings or more apt to buy a product based on the boldness of attention grabbing colors like yellow?

My experience has taught me that there is a direct correlation between color applications as it relates to the spirit and human behavior. For sighted people, color is a constant. It’s omnipresent. It’s everywhere. But, most of us are so immune to color that we don’t even realize how it affects our mood or behavior.

That is what my color and energy forecast affords you: a chance to daily understand and use colors to embrace the spirit with joy and positive awareness. You can wear the color, incorporate it in your day or simply light a candle of the color. The idea is to tap into the energy of each color and how it makes you feel on any given day, at any given moment.

Feel free to check out my daily forecast on social media as a helpful guideline, or experiment with wearing different colors to see how you respond. There is no right or wrong way, and no color is negative. However, the more you learn about how you connect with colors through your choices, the easier it is to adapt to the positive energy around you.

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