Meditate, Relax and Enjoy!

Linda Lauren

Since I was about 8 years old, I developed the habit of having a special place in my room where I could spread out the little personal items that were important to me and visit them in private. I had a tiny Cinderella lamp, a stone that my mother bought me from a rock museum, a tiny rose-painted box with a cover that I put the stone in, and a small flower vase. Mom always made sure I had a flower in the vase and I added a small bell to ring. I insisted to my mother that I called the angels with it. This was sitting atop a white scarf that one of my aunts hand-embroidered. I used the little nightstand beside my bed to display all this, and I made sure that nothing else shared space the space.

Each night, after dinner, I’d go into my room, head straight for my sacred space, and once seated on my little rocker beside it, I’d ring the bell.  It was there that I wrote in my diary, (kept in the drawer of the same nightstand), said my prayers, and read my books. I always felt completely calm.

As I grew older, the sacred space grew with me and ultimately expanded. Depending upon where I lived, the place of honor began to take shape more prominently in other rooms. No longer confined to my child’s room, I used the living room, a den, and even a kitchen to ferret out a spiritual spot to visit for my daily routine.  The Cinderella lamp was replaced by a candle and a meditation talisman instead of the stone. I added intuitive cards like my Hope Deck and, to consecrate the area and raise the vibration, my Vibe Room Energy Clearing spray. All of this designed to promote the mindfulness necessary for successful centering and meditation.

Now, I’m taking this concept a step further and offering it as a kit to help you get started in the process of meditation and relaxation. So, have fun with it, and enjoy the relief that comes your way.

Happy Meditating!

God bless,


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