Clear Quartz Angel for Meditation & Protection – Linda Lauren

Clear Quartz Angel for Meditation & Protection

Linda Lauren

An angel is a pure spirit, a messenger here on earth with the important job to accompany us when we need them on our journey. When there are good things happening, an angel is nearby. When we need protection, an angel is there to lend a helping hand. There are as many ways to embrace angels, as there are angels to embrace, and one way to remember that they are by our side is through symbols and icons.

The hand-carved Clear Quartz Crystal Angel we carry on our web site is indicative of the type of icon I embrace to call on my angels. The energy of clear quartz amplifies my intention to dialog with them. When I hold the crystal in my closed palm, I am feel warmth and tingling that delights the spirit with focused positive energy. Sitting like that for a few moments, eyes closed, brings forth a peace that can only be angelic.

Try it, and try one of our angels. They are infused with Reiki healing energy and programmed with the intention for you to commune with these heavenly beings. Meditate with one, or keep it with you as you go about your day. I keep mine on my desk and reach for it when I need spiritual reinforcement. If you decide to try one, please write me to share your experience.


Angel Blessings!

Linda Lauren


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