Interview With Linda Lauren – Pet Psychic Medium

Linda Lauren

“As a child of three, I told my mom that colors were coming out of people’s mouths in bubbles … and those colors made me feel certain ways.”

Those are Psychic Medium Linda Lauren’s first memories of her gift…her ability to read people, first through the colors she saw around them.   As a 4th generation Psychic Medium, it’s a gift that came naturally to her.

“My mom helped me understand what I was feeling,” she said, “as her mom had helped her  .. and her mom before that.” 

“I remember as a child growing up in New Jersey that my grandmother was a kind of neighborhood counsel,” Linda says.  “It was fascinating to me.  People would come by to ask for guidance or healing in exchange for butter or eggs.”

And Linda is continuing the family tradition, though not for butter or eggs!  And not only to help people. 

“Dogs speak to me telepathically, but with colors.  I have to interpret what that means, though it usually reflects their mood, more than, say, a toy they like.  Yellow might mean they’re happy.  Green indicates they need help with healing.  Some dogs have allergy issues … and I’ll see browns, which means they’re trying to ground themselves to get past the allergy.”

It started when a client asked her to help him with his rescue beagle, who was sick. 

“When I met him and his dog I saw all kinds of colors.  I knew something was wrong and that she’d need medications for a condition that wouldn’t manifest itself right away.  I saw browns, which in this case seemed to indicate something wrong with her stomach.  And she did end up having a lot of problems with her stomach. I suggested he have her tested for Lyme disease or other parasites and the vet did put her on prednisone because something was eating away at her.  According to the vet, that early intervention saved her life.  She’s now parasite free and healthy.”

Linda says sometimes people just don’t understand what their dogs are saying to them. For example, a reporter brought a dog with her when she was interviewing Linda about her work with dogs. The dog, whose owner was not there, had been unhappy and unruly. Linda saw a blue rubber ball ‘coming’ from the dog to her telepathically. She asked, “Do you want your blue ball?” and the dog barked. Each time she asked, the dog would bark. When the owner came into the room, the reporter asked her what toy the dog liked, and the owner said it was a blue rubber ball that had been lost.  When she brought him a new one, the unhappiness and bad behavior stopped.

Can she sense when a dog says thank you?

“They tend to kind of look towards me with a cock of the head, but I always get a lick when we’re done.”

Although Linda says she can read any energy, she also says most people have the ability to better ‘read’ their own pets.  “If they just follow their gut instincts and natural reactions, they’ll usually be right.”   

She and her Maltipoo, Gidget, still live in New Jersey, where she offers her psychic medium abilities to people and pets through her website and social media.


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