Meditating with Crystals and Gemstones

Linda Lauren


I have been meditating for most of my life. It is the single most important act I do each and every day. It is no different in importance than brushing my teeth or washing my face. It is my dialog with the voice within my spirit that creates a safe haven of spiritual understanding. There are many ways to focus on your personal, spiritual voice, and most often people choose meditation to do so. Meditation is key to embracing a calm and focused life, but you can go one step more. You can meditate with a special piece of crystal and/or gemstone that is designed for that purpose.

For that reason, we at Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe have created a beautiful talisman to help you embrace the quietude of the spirit within you. The meditation talisman is made of Agate as the central piece, which vanishes fear and promotes healing. The stone is coupled with Jasper, which offers protection and brings balance and contentment. Finally, we have included Onyx because it releases negativity, and that release is important to overall health and well-being.


Stop by our shop and embrace meditation through our beautiful and powerful talisman pieces.

Here’s wishing you crystal dreams and meditative awareness.

God bless,

Linda Lauren

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