Why Companies Hire Psychics as Business Consultants ~

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...Linda Lauren has been a professional psychic since the 70s and a corporate psychic since the 90s, listing clients as big as Pernod Ricard on her roster. She says she's a "colour-energy expert," able to read energies through coloured bubbles that appear to her. She's been asked to help companies make hiring choices, reorganise their work spaces, and smooth out managing decisions. She also has a few clients who work on Wall Street, who she's given insight about viable investments. Recently, she helped a company maximize its employees' potential by creating "sacred spaces" on their desks. "Each desk has a little mat with a salt lamp on it. They each have a piece of pyrite, which encourages money and calm, and they each have a little water bottle, which they fill every day and eventually negativity is contained within the bottle," Lauren told me.

About a quarter of her business is made up of corporate clients like this, all of whom she says believe deeply in her work. That very belief could explain some of her clients' success: A series of studies from the University of Cologne showed that people who believed in the supernatural also had better performance in various tasks, likely because of the confidence-boost from their own superstitious beliefs. Another study, from the University of Queensland, found that those who believed in psychics had greater feelings of control. It seems feeling confident and in-control of business decisions likely has as much of a positive effect on positive outcomes as actual psychic abilities...


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