The Clutches of the World Wide Web ~

Linda Lauren

You woke up today and what was the very first thing you did? Most likely, if you are
reading this on line, you looked at your email, checked your social media and before you knew it the time had escaped you. Instead of Living, you were posting, all morning long! Posting and commenting on photos, tags, inspirational quotes, disgruntled political statements, satire, etc. There is no end to that because there is no end to the Internet. It is indeed a web and once it grabs you, it holds you in its grasp and ensnares you with information at a fast and steady stream, making it impossible to escape.

Does that sound dramatic? If you look at the big picture and the part we now all play in it, you will see that the above is right on target with the times. Computers, and by extension, the smartphone and tablet, are all wonderful to have at our disposal. But, how long before it becomes an addiction like any other and turns against you? Perhaps it has already, because from my vantage point, I see that most people are in a hurry to be informed about things that probably wouldn’t have been something they would want to be informed about prior to the advent of all of this technology. If you look at your own social media streams you will see that a slew “SHARES” and “LIKES” float by you asking and even, at times, shaming and bullying you to do the same. I say bully because that’s what it is. If you don’t do what your “friend” asks, they will shame you and call you heartless. These are the same people who want you on their side. Therefore, it’s important to remember that your endorsement is worth more than you realize. Don’t waste it.

Still, I do say thank you to those wonderful genius techies for giving us that motherboard and our first real taste of home computing power. But the mother has left the ship and we are left to guide ourselves through the maze of web related life. Time is a very precious commodity that shouldn’t be wasted. It’s important to be present in the moments of our lives. Wake up to the wonder of nature and allow your senses to fully experience life, rather than embrace each moment through the glaze of computer glass. It’s never too late.

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