About Linda Lauren Media

Linda Lauren has been featured on, CNN, ABC-TV Nightline, Fox and Friends,, The Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough on NBC New York, HuffPost Live, Better TV, WPIX, Open House NYC, in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, People Pets,  The Star Ledger, and the Chicago Tribune.  She is the Resident Psychic on the Sway in the Morning Show-SiriusXM and The Ron James in the Morning Show, Wild 102.9 Reno and Las Vegas.  Lauren has also been heard on Mornings with Storme Warren, The Covino & Rich Show, The Howard Stern Show, Just Jenny, Freewheelin’ and The Jon Lieberman Show on SiriusXM.  She has been a guest on NPR and America’s Radio News Network. She was the resident psychic on The Micky Dolenz In the Morning Show on WCBS-FM in New York.

Lauren’s latest book, Sentimental Journey, is an illustrated time travel romance in the style of Jack Finney.  Medium Rare-The Memoir of a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium is Linda Lauren’s fascinating life story.  Lauren’s first book, Hostage in Time, is a paranormal time travel romance.  All the books are available in print and e-book format.

Lauren’s columns can be found on her blog Medium Rare™,, The Huffington Post and The Second Life Enquirer.  Lauren’s presence in the virtual reality world known as Second Life, compliments her abilities by allowing her to extend her reach to an international audience that comes to her for guidance and psychic medium readings.  Her column, Psychic Companion has appeared in The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines.


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