The Man On The Woodpile – Linda Lauren

The Man On The Woodpile

Linda Lauren

I saw him first in profile, leaning against the woodpile in the driveway. I probably heard him long before we met face to face. It was the day before, when part of the stack of wood in the driveway collapsed for no apparent reason. I was alone in the house and heard a rustle of leaves, followed by a loud crash that caused me to run to the window. When I investigated the area, I discovered the fallen wood and had to move my car back to avoid the logs that had spilled over.

As I rounded to the driver’s side, I managed to remain standing and I stared in this stranger’s direction. I wasn’t sure he was the living or the dead, as my work as a medium has introduced me to some very interesting spirits and ghosts in the past. It looked like he was peering in our window! Dead or alive, that made me shudder! If he were real, it wouldn’t be a good thing to confront him.

I stood one car away from the stack of wood, and he seemed to not be aware of my presence. I took the opportunity to scan him slowly. He wore a tan pinstriped shirt with the sleeves rolled up; tan khaki pants with white socks and black sneakers. His arms were folded across his chest and he had the relaxed pose of someone leaning against a car, rather than wood. He was intensely staring into our living room window! My observation triggered something and he turned his head, not his body, and looked silently at me. His hair was as dark as his eyes; and it was kinky and parted in the middle. His mustache was thick and long. I marveled at how much he resembled the man on the Colombia coffee commercials.

After a few moments, I could “feel” his thoughts, and knew what I was dealing with. “You have to leave. You are on private property,” I said, now realizing he was a ghost. “And shame on you for doing that to our woodpile!”

“Emmanuel,” he said slowly. “I am Manny. I’m here because you called me.”

“I did not call you. Now go away, please!”

A slow mist formed around him and he was gone. I went back inside the house to share what just happened with my friend, Sue, and I kept insisting that I did not call on this ghost.

“I think you did call this ghost, Linda,” Sue said. “Yesterday morning you told me the story of your grandmother being a young widow and that she had fallen in love with a musician named Manny!”

“Oh my God, I did! I was teasing and I said his name three times like in the movie “Beetlejuice,” and told you that he would appear. But I was joking with you!”

The lesson of this tale is to remind everyone that when we talk about the dead, whether we know them or not, they will be responding back. They might be around you and let you know they are there, and they might just peer into your window to share a little part of this world again. If you find someone on the woodpile by your house, peering into your window, be polite and buy shutters!



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