Maintaining Your Energy While Traveling

Linda Lauren

Having the luxury to work mobile allows us to work anywhere in the world where there is a service provider to restore the energy of the battery life of our technology. Computers, tablets and smartphones were designed to make life more productive and easier, as long as we recharge them. We sacrifice a great deal of our personal energy and power when we use these machines, especially as we travel about the globe. Shouldn’t we be restoring our personal energy to guarantee that our own battery doesn’t drain the body, mind and spirit? The service providers in this case is yourself, and below are three ways to recharge your own personal battery.

  1. When packing your suitcase, include colors that make you feel happy. Though there are no negative colors, some might not sit right with you, while others may feel more positive. Pack the positive colors that you feel will be the best for your experience.
  2. Only look at what time it is when you absolutely need to. Often, when we check the time over and over, we create the unhealthy stress that can steal your energy.
  3. Meditation – Put aside small moments of time during your trip to take 5-10 minute meditation breaks. This should consist of simply breathing slowly, eyes closed and in a rested position. If you are on a flight or involved in transportation, you can keep your eyes open, but relaxed. The point is to breathe and relax. These short intervals of slow breathing will restore inner balance and help improve your mood.

Traveling is stressful at the best of times. Getting to and from destinations can hold scheduling issues, delays and other problems. So the next time you think of charging your smartphone or tablet, think about recharging yourself, too!

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