Reading Celebrity Pets’ “Color & Energy” With Pet-Psychic Linda Lauren

Have you ever wondered what type of energy you and your dog emanated? Otherwise known as an aura, this energy is a distinctive atmosphere that is generated by a person, place, or thing. Everyone has one and Linda Lauren is here to shed some light (not fur) on the topic. Linda Lauren is a fourth-generation psychic medium who is known professionally as a pet psychic. She has worked with many celebrities to either read their pets or connect with their deceased pets.

Below you’ll find some of today’s highest-profile celebrities with their pets – and Linda’s color & energy reading of each.

George Clooney:


George Clooney’s dog, Einstein Clooney is a cocker spaniel mix. George was rescued from a high-kill shelter in 2009.

Einstein’s color here is a deep emerald green (healing), while George’s is a deep blue (communication). Their connection is one of Einstein being healed through George’s words and actions.

Demi Lovato:


Demi Lovato’s dog Buddy is a Bichon Frise and Maltese mix. Demi got her puppy on December 14, 2014 as an early Christmas present.

The colors they share are pink (love) and white (clarity).  These two are very clear about the love between them and have the potential for many happy years together.

 Matthew McConaughey:


Matthew McConaughey’s dog, B.J. stands for Beef Jerky.

First, there is no doubt that Beef Jerky loves his name, as well as the beef.  He and Matthew actually share the color brown.  They are grounded in their companionship.

Ryan Gosling:


Ryan Gosling’s dog, George, is a mixed breed, not sure what exactly.

The color yellow (emotion) is something George has to work with. He may suffer from the emotion of separation anxiety, which Ryan with the color purple (insight) is able to intuit and relieve.

Jennifer Aniston:


Jennifer Aniston’s dog, Dolly, is a White Shepherd Mix.

Dolly is all about protection and she has a very red (passion) color around her. Jennifer has the color blue (communication) around her to make Dolly understand their connection.

As humans we know it is nearly impossible to figure out what our pets are thinking. Linda Lauren allows us one step further into the canine world with her abilities. Do you want to find our what your color and energy is? Schedule an appointment with Linda Lauren HERE! Maybe she can help you figure out why your little pup has been chewing up your shoes, lately!

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