Cleansing & Recharging The Spirit

Linda Lauren


We are around people every day. Whether we live or work with them, or simply pass them on the street, we are encountering energy of some kind from each. Sadness, grief, jubilation, happiness, make up some of the energy we will experience as we walk our normal days through life.

All that energy does not have to be directed at us to affect us in body, mind and/or spirit. But it is important to note that it is still responsible for at least 75 % of our mood swings or negative reactions to things that happen in our lives. It’s vital that we recognize this exists and cleanse ourselves with the ceremony of water.

Each day, step into the shower and allow the water to cleanse you of any energy that may not be in your best interest. Visualize the water cascading over your head and cocooning you inside a safe, clear tube of white light. Your intention to to clear your spirit and encircle yourself in Divine love and protection.

Water is a catalyst for many things. It cleanses us spiritually, but it also stirs our creative mind! Allow the meditative spray to bring to the forefront intuitive impressions, and enjoy the benefits of true clarity and rejuvenation. I guarantee you will feel very different (and a whole lot better) when you consciously place your intention on clearing yourself of the emotions of the day.

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