A Tarot Card Ceremony

Linda Lauren

Did you ever wonder what happens to a Tarot deck when it becomes so worn from use that it needs to be replaced? Personal decks don’t get much use, but when you are in the business of using them, as I am, you let your client’s energy into the cards in order to read them. Though I know a great deal about the meaning of Tarot, I read by color and energy, and interpret what each card means according to my psychic ability.

Not everyone who gives readings does so professionally. There are many of you out there who are not aware of the precautions you should take when using cards (any cards) to interpret for someone else. The more people touch your cards, the more of their energy and the energy of the other side, is left on them, and that can cause a lot of negativity to infiltrate your world.

I had two Tarot decks that I had not disposed of, and I was beginning to feel really uncomfortable to still have them around. So, the other night I performed a ceremony. Some people bury their old decks, but I feel that only keeps the energy still lingering on yours or someone else’s property. Besides, as a 4th generation psychic medium, I had often heard stories of various ways to get rid of a deck of cards.

There is a Chiminea in our backyard. While my friend fired it up with wood, I said a prayer over the decks separately and we tossed the cards into the fire. There was fresh purple sage in the garden, and that was added to our little bonfire to cleanse each deck as we sent them to disappear into the universe.

Once the ceremony was over, we immediately felt a lighter energy in our immediate surroundings. I recommend doing this with your own deck, and purchase a new one to bond with soon after.

Originally published on June 26, 2008.

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