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Travel Product That Give Good Vibes!

Linda Lauren

Good days, bad days…we all have them. Sometimes you walk into a room and get the feeling that everything is copacetic, and then there are times that you get the feeling something is OFF…call it bad juju or bad vibes or whatever you want.  It’s just one of those crazy moments when you know that karma is about to whack you in the back of the head.

Maybe I’m still that child of the 60’s, but I still get those strong feelings.

When that happens what do you do?

  • Do you just roll with the punches and take what the universe is handing out?
  • Do you try and fight the feeling?
  • Do you try to turn it around?

Psychic Linda Lauren has devised a way to COMBAT that nasty negativity using essential oils, herbs, and her own special family recipes. Whether it’s YOU who’s throwing out the negativity, or you just stepped into a room with an energy that makes you want to run for the hills, there is now a solution. The Vibe Room Energy Clearing spray adds positive vibrations to any space while clearing the room of negativity. I received a small bottle of The Vibe to review and figured that I’d give it a go on my trip to Philadelphia.

Infused with Reiki healing energy, The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray is used to create a positive, healing and uplifting environment. The special proprietary blend of natural essential oils can be sprayed daily and used often.

The test

I took it with me on a recent press trip. I figured that I’d prepare the room. I was only in town for 36 hours with little sleep. Cranky and a bit on the edge, I wanted to make my experience fun, but my body and mind were fighting each other. For me, this is a recipe for disaster. I’m usually upbeat, but when I get into a negative situation with little sleep, I tend to get sucked in. This was NO time for my mood to get in the way. I sprayed my hotel room. At first whiff it smelled like a too sweet perfume, but after a minute or two, the scent actually began to grow on me. An hour later I didn’t notice the scent at all as it dissipated into the air.

Did it help?

I’m not sure that I can actually MEASURE the results. I can tell you that I DID have a blast on the trip. While I left my Girl Scout days behind, I do try to “be prepared” when I travel, because I  know that ANYTHING can happen…good, bad, etc. At least with some good vibes surrounding me, I’ll have a more positive experience. I bring the 2 oz size with me, it is TSA approved for travel and I can tuck it into my handbag for anytime that I need a little positivity boost.


To learn more about The Vibe Room Energy Clearing Spray visit: The Vibe Spray

  • 2 oz – $8
  • 8 oz – $16


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