15 Gorgeous Spiritual Retreats Around the Globe: the Ultimate Meditation Destinations

Linda Lauren

You don’t need to travel to far-flung places to meditate but why wouldn’t you? Beautiful locales around the world inspire you to relax, unwind, and really get in tune with your inner self, for spiritual retreats that leave you refreshed with a whole new outlook on your day-to-day.

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11. Machu Picchu, Peru

The historical city of Machu Picchu — the lost city of the Inca — is a major draw for psychic Linda Lauren.

“It is a very spiritual, sacred place with a special energy that draws you to awareness and silence,” she says. “There are hot springs bubbling up from the caverns at it’s core, with waterfalls offering a cleansing experience. If you have a honed intuition, or already meditate regularly, expect to experience visions and feelings on the more intense side.”

12. The Sanctuary Belintash, Bulgaria

Yet another ancient locale with an enormous amount of history, this sanctuary in Bulgaria is one of Lauren’s favorite places to meditate.

“This ancient sanctuary is a huge rock and part of one of the three point formation of European energy zones,” notes Lauren. “The area creates a strong vibrational pull that visitors insist enhances the likelihood of anything paranormal. Visions, spirits, and physical sensations accompany your visit, and it would be fascinating to keep a journal on what your senses experience.”

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