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Questions for the Crystal Ball

Posted by Linda Lauren on

It's the beginning of 2012, which means some big questions are in front of us.

Will Scott Rudin and Harvey Weinstein continue their rivalry at the Oscars? What can we expect from Chelsea Clinton's new career as a television journalist? What does the future hold for Alec Baldwin? What will happen on "Homeland" when it returns to Showtime? Will the "Hunger Games" movie be any good? Will Anna Wintour stay on top of the fashion world?

Chelsea Clinton Getty Images

We could probably answer all of those questions for you and get the answers right—we've been told we have psychic abilities by a number of people, psychics included—but thought it would be more fun to consult a professional, especially when one volunteered.

The psychic on call: Linda Lauren, a fourth-generation psychic medium, author (her debut novel, a paranormal time-travel romance called "Hostage in Time," was released in the fall), energy artist and Reiki practitioner, born in Newark and now based in Mountainside, N.J.

We asked Ms. Lauren if we could send her photographs of some well-known New Yorkers in various times of transition to read their potentials for 2012. And we requested she not do any additional research on the individuals if she knew who they were. "The Internet is not a reliable source for me anyway," Ms. Lauren explained by phone. "It totally gums up any energy from what I could take."

We went photograph by photograph.

First up: Messrs. Weinstein and Rudin, who enter the Oscar season with competing releases. Mr. Weinstein has front-runners like "The Artist" and "The Iron Lady"; Mr. Rudin has "Moneyball" and "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." (Bad buzz on "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" has put it in its own corner.)

"Both of these guys have to loosen up," said Ms. Lauren. "There's something they're sharing that is not going to be positive. I'm seeing a lawsuit."

Candace Bushnell Getty Images

Ms. Lauren has met Mr. Weinstein and "has seen his energy up close." She predicts he "is going to form an alliance. There's a partnership reevaluation, and more talk about expansion, but it's not going to happen the way he may think. I'm not necessarily feeling this is Harvey's year."

As for Mr. Rudin: "This is a big year for Scott," she said. "But I have to tell you, this is a man who is still trying to make up his mind about what he's going to be when he grows up. He's going to resist change, but there's a lot of money coming in 2012, if he can ride it. I see a lot of green in him, and for Harvey a lot of blue. Green means he's very inclined to see business opportunities."

Regarding Oscar chances, "the energy is really good on 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.' My feeling right now is 'Tattoo.'"

In the political arena, anything we should know about Christine Quinn? "2012 will be a very entrepreneurial year for her," said Ms. Lauren of the City Council speaker. "Anything that comes her way she should try to embrace. There's a lot of positive orange and red energy. She feels like a winner. But I do get Seattle as a place she's visiting or entertaining business."

Next up: Alec Baldwin, who ran into some hot water with American Airlines in 2011. "He's a talented guy," said the psychic. "I know he wants to go into politics and if he were to, his aspirations would be met. If he can keep it on the straight and narrow, he could do a lot of good. But I look into his eyes and I see a lot of self-sabotage. You'll also hear some news—maybe later in the year—of someone getting pregnant. That's unsettling for him, and not the news he wants to hear."

Late last year, Chelsea Clinton began a new career as a television news journalist. Good idea? "That job will serve her well," said Ms. Lauren. "It's a good partnership for her. I feel very good about her future. I'm feeling a child coming from her. So many people go with the flow, but someone like Chelsea usually directs the current. But she has to do it a little bit more. There's some adversarial feeling within the four walls in which she lives. They're confusing her. She has to keep her eye on the ball, rather than be too influenced by well-meaning people."

According to Page Six, Candace Bushnell had some relationship drama last year. What's in store for her? "This woman picks up negativity from a lot of people and she doesn't even realize it," said Ms. Lauren. "It can really put a damper on her attitude and her health. She's just not focused on the right place. There's a feeling of yellow around her, which means she tends to allow her emotions to override anything else she's doing. There's a lot she has to change in 2012, but that change is going to be very therapeutic. I think there's a movie project presented to her in the middle of the year, but I'm not sure it's going to work."

Since this is a financial newspaper, we're super curious about what's in store for Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Lloyd Blankfein Bloomberg

"He's got a lot of purple, so there's a feeling this guy is fighting the flow of spiritual versus the real. He's very spiritual, but he's not really clear on anything but money. The personal needs to be more clear for this guy. There's one person in particular he can't trust, and it's a very close male aide and assistant. He's going to have to watch out for that person, and if he's not careful, finances are not going to bode well."

We're always interested in news about Vogue. Anything happening with the magazine's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour? "She'll still be looked on as powerful but not as negatively," said Ms. Lauren. "I get a change in personality with her, and I get it in the case of a relationship. Her personal life is going to change business life. She's going to become a little softer, and maybe a little more public, a little less private. I don't know how long she's going to be at Vogue. I think she's looking at other options."

Of course, we wouldn't leave a conversation like this without a little discourse on ourselves. In lieu of a photograph, Ms. Lauren asked us to send her a photo of our signature.

"I see really strong energy," she told us. "In three to six months, there's going to be a change coming your way. You're going up from whatever you're doing. You're headed in a really good direction, but be very particular about details. Go over your checkbook. There might be something missing.

"And just be really careful about the people around you and their motives," Ms. Lauren went on. "You have to be careful about who you trust right now and make sure everything's on the up and up. Also, expect to be more social in 2012."

More social in 2012? Oh boy.

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